Mandy & Sam at First Christian Church and Peachtree Banquet Center in Columbia, Missouri

Heeeeeere it is! The gorgeous wedding of Mandy & Sam!

From their wonderful friends, to their sweet family, everyone surrounding this darling couple was just as kind and generous as they were.

Mandy made such a stunning—and I do mean STUNNING—bride.

And Sam was just as dapper as he could be, always admiring Mandy from afar any time we were doing individuals shots (oh yes, we caught you making eyes at your beautiful bride several times, Sam!).

Can you blame him?

Let’s get into this gorgeous day!

We started out at the Art of Hair in downtown, Columbia, Missouri. Photographing at this place was super fun, and the owner was a blast to work with. Oh, and did I mention her beautiful hairstyles?? Gorgeous!

Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2732 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2733 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2734 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2735 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2736 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2737 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2738 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2739 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2740 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2741 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2742 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2743 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2744 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2745 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2746

After hair & makeup, we headed over to the church, the gorgeous First Christian Church in downtown Columbia, Missouri.

Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2747 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2748 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2749 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2750 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2751


Amber, my office manager and second shooter, was there to cover the guys getting ready:

Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2753 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2754 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2755 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2756

And then we both met up to capture the girls:

Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2757 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2758 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2759 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2760 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2761 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2762 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2763

And then it was time for the first look!! Yay for first looks!


Amber’s view:

Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2765 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2766

My view:



Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2768 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2769

Mine:Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2770 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2771 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2772 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2773 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2774 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2775 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2776

Amber rocked out the stairwell pictures:

Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2777 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2778

And then we headed outside right before the ceremony:

Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2779 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2780 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2781

Mandy’s flowers were absolutely gorgeous and they smelled aaaaaaaaaaammmmmaaaazing!!!

Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2782 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2783 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2783a Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2784 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2785 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2786

And then it was show time!

Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2787 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2788 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2789 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2790 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2791 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2792 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2793 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2794 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2795 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2796

Are you kidding me, kid? Such a ham!


Fun fact: I keep a pen in my camera bag…juuuuuuuuuust in case we need it for the marriage licence (not the first time):

Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2798 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2800

Check out this adorable wedding party!

Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2801 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2802 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2803 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2804 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2805

They were hilarious:

Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2806 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2807 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2808 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2809 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2810 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2811 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2812 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2813 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2814 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2815

Sigh. Mandy, you are gorgeous…

Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2816 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2817 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2818 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2819 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2820


Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2821 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2822 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2823 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2824 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2825 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2826 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2827 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2828 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2829 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2830 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2831 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2832 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2833 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2834 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2835 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2836 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2837

Let me tell you, these guys know how to party…

Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2838 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2839 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2840 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2841 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2842 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2843 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2844 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2845 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2846 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2847 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2848 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2849 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2850 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2851

Thank you again, Mandy and Sam for choosing me to capture your absolutely beautiful day!!

Ceremony: First Christian Church

Reception and Catering: Peachtree Catering & Banquet Center

Flowers: Kent’s Floral Gallery

DJ: BerryGood Light & Sound

Cake: The Upper Crust

Bride & Bridesmaids’ Hair: Art of Hair

Second Photographer: Amber Garrett


Shelby & Taylor at Cedar Creek Resort in Columbia MO | Wedding Photographer

You guys.

Prepare to be enveloped in love, surrounded by friendship, and completely smitten with the lovely details of this gorgeous wedding at Cedar Creek Resort in Columbia, Missouri.

Let’s start off with the bride and groom…

Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2657Shelby and Taylor are, hands down, completely head over heels in love with each other. I saw it every time Taylor would steal a glance at his gorgeous bride. And when Shelby would snuggle up close to Taylor.

Love stuck, y’all.

They were seriously the cutest.

And can you get over the details of this wedding? This was my first time shooting at Cedar Creek Resort and it completely surpassed every expectation I had. The manager was just as sweet as can be, the grounds were immaculate, and everything we could possibly need for the wedding day was on-site and simply perfect.

Gorgeous lake? Check.

Golf carts to tote the bride & groom around the beautiful property? Check.

Ginormous tent to hold down the party and provide a stunning backdrop for their amazeballs decorations? Check.

Huge fridge to hold lots of waters for entire bridal party to stay hydrated during pictures? Check.

Delicious catering and attentive bartenders? Check.

And I swear, I came away with ZERO bug bites, despite walking directly through a field…more than three times.

That, my friends, is success.

(Oh, and the whole marrying off of our gorgeous couple…that’s a success too!)

I want to give a special shout-out to the newest member of “Team Lollipop”, Amber Garrett! She is my new office manager and also second shoots with me.

She was photog #2 at Shelby & Taylor’s wedding and she absolutely rocked it!

Her style is wonderfully complimentary to mine—very photojournalistic in nature (as that’s what she’s studying rocking at Mizzou). So happy to have her on my team. Watch for more amazingness to come out of her, and go check out her beautiful photography. Wooooo hoooooo!!!

*Team Lollipop High Five*

Okay, let’s get to the images. We’re starting out with one of hers of the rings:

Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2587 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2588 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2589 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2590 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2591 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2592 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2593 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2594 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2595 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2596 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2597 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2598 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2599 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2600 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2601 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2602 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2603 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2604 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2605 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2606 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2607 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2608 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2609 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2610 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2611 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2612 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2613 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2614 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2615 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2616 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2617 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2618 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2619 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2620 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2621 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2622

Shelby, you are goooooooooorrrrrgeeeeeooooooouuuuuss!!! My view:


Amber’s view:

Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2624 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2625 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2626 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2627

Okay, in truth, we kind of faked this shot, but the girls’ reaction was totally true to life. Totally worth it. My view:


Amber’s view:


Dad’s first look was not faked. I’m pretty sure he teared up a little. I hope our fabulous videographers were able to catch his dialog to Shelby…so sweet.

Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2630 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2631

After dad’s first look, it was time to let Taylor see his gorgeous bride. This was absolutely picturesque…soooooo gorgeous right by the lake!

Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2632 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2633 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2634 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2635 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2636 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2637 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2638 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2639 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2640 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2641 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2642 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2643 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2644 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2645 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2646 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2647 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2648 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2649 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2650 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2651

These are probably my favorite photos of the bunch. I was all, “Hey, Shelby…what do you think about walking through that field over there?” And she was all like, “Oh, hell to the yeah!”

Love. That.

My view:Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2652

Amber’s view:


My view (swoon):Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2654 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2655

Amber’s view (double swoon):Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2656 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2657 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2659 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2660Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2661

The groomsmen were right on time, but they were, well, very jovial by the time we got to formal pictures:

Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2658 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2662

To their credit, they made things VERY fun:

Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2663 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2664 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2665
Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2667 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2668 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2669

Ladies, ladies, ladies…there is sooooooo much gorgeousness going on right now!

Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2670 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2671 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2672 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2673

So, after formal photos, we all took a little break before the ceremony to regroup.

Are you kidding me with this backdrop??

Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2674 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2675 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2676 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2677 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2678 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2679 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2680 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2681 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2682 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2683 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2684 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2685 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2686 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2687 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2688 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2689 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2690 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2691 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2692

In truth, the confetti got everywhere (and I do mean EVERYWHERE), but it was THE BOMB-diggity-bomb when it comes to photos:


Amber NAILED this one!! BOOOOOOM!!!

Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2694 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2695

Amber has a wonderful eye for detail and I found this little gem as I was going through her photos. Squeeeee!


Did I mention the groomsmen were VERY…ahem…”jovial”

Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2697 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2698

If the ceremony site was gorgeous, the reception was simply over-the-top-amazing.

Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2699 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2700 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2701 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2702 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2703 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2704 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2705 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2706 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2707 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2708 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2709 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2710 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2711 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2712 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2713 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2714 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2715 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2716 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2717 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2718 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2719 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2720 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2721

These guys could DANCE! I love me a dancing wedding party:

Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2722 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2723 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2724 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2725 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2726 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2727 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2728 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2729

We ended the night with fireworks and a quiet moment with the bride and groom.

Love. Love. Love.



DJ: Victor “Huggy Bear” Huggins

Videographer: Luxe Studios

Catering: HyVee

Florist: Family Friend

A family emergency


I always tell clients while laughing, “The gallery delivery date promised in my contract is the absolute last possible date you are guaranteed to receive your images. It’s usually much, much sooner. The contract date is just in case everything in my life blows up.”

We might be close to explosion status, my friends.

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen that I’ve been dealing with a pretty significant family emergency for the last few days.

To make an incredibly long story slightly shorter…over the last couple of weeks, my mother experienced some complications from a fall.

Her situation and pain went from bad…to worse…to excruciating…to life-treatening. And it all happened so fast it makes my head spin.

Up until Friday, I had been splitting my time tending her needs at her apartment, taking care of her dog, taking care of my own household, and taking care of clients.

On Friday afternoon, it became very clear that I could not leave her alone in her apartment overnight with the amount of assistance she needed to do basic functions like standing or eating.

As we were headed into the weekend, and doctors offices were closing, it became pretty clear that heading to the ER was the only option. Despite her protests that she didn’t want to bother anyone (anyone else have a mother like this?), she reluctantly agreed.

Turns out, it was the right call.

It was the very, very right call.


Exams were done, tests were ordered, and, although they knew something was very, very wrong, her wonderful community hospital didn’t have the answers and they needed to get her to a place that could help her immediately over the weekend.

So, that led me on an ambulance chase to University Hospital at 1am.


The answers didn’t come quickly, but after another radiology visit, we finally had the answer we needed to this on-going mystery.

At 10:30pm on Saturday, an orthopedic doctor was telling us she needed spine surgery first thing in the morning to drain the blockage on her spinal cord that was compressing it and causing her immense pain.


Spine surgery, you guys.

I have sympathy back spasms just thinking about it.

(Although, that may just be the uncomfortable chairs I’ve been sitting in all weekend.)

The good news is, she sailed through surgery like a champ and the amazing doctors here at University Hospital fixed the issue.


But now comes the hard part: recovery…

…when doing simple things like adjusting your position in bed, calling in an order for dinner, or even taking a sip of water require assistance.


While I have a wonderful family friend and my brother and his sweet girlfriend to help me, I’ve been bearing the brunt of her care. That includes racing to the hospital at 5am to try to catch her doctor on rounds, and staying late to make sure she’s comfortable for the night, among other things.

It’s 9:30pm on Monday. I’ve had 8 total hours of sleep since Friday morning.

I haven’t been this tired since my son was a newborn.


So…me returning emails and calls is going to be a little slow this week, and possibly next.

I will get back to you as soon as I possibly can, but please understand there may be a day or two delay.

Editing and delivery of galleries will hopefully resume later this week and if you are awaiting your session gallery, I will get it to you as soon as I possibly can.


I also just received news tonight that my production assistant experienced a loss in her family today. Naturally, she will be taking time off to spend with her family.

It’s been a hard week for Team Lollipop.

Stay healthy, my friends, and go hug your loved ones.


Devon & Alex | Les Bourgeois Blufftop Bistro | Rocheport MO Wedding Photography

I am so fortunate to work with the sweetest wedding couples in mid-Missouri, and this adorable pair proved to be no exception.

It was a beautifully intimate affair on the bluff overlooking the Missouri River at Les Bourgeois Blufftop Bistro in Rocheport, Missouri.

The weather had been threatening rain all day, but the clouds broke and the most gorgeous rays of sunshine poured over the hilltop just as Devon was about to walk down the aisle of our outdoor ceremony.

It was almost as if Mother Nature was smiling down and running the whole production.

Cue the sun.

I first officially met Devon & Alex about 25 minutes before my wedding photography coverage was supposed to start (I like to be early!). They had booked two hours of wedding photography and we worked out a plan to maximize our short time together.

I was to start shooting at 6pm. Ceremony was at 7:00pm. The sunset was at 7:46pm.

As their wedding photographer, I needed to get in photos of the bride & groom’s first look, some gorgeous photos of them together, their wonderfully large extended families, their adorable wedding party, the ceremony of course, and hopefully still had enough time to sneak in photos of the cake cutting.

Challenge accepted.

And we absolutely nailed it! Bride walked down the aisle right on time (and right in cue with the *amazing* light), their families were jovial and laughing as we captured all of the combinations they wanted, and we had plenty of time to capture the reception entrance and cake cutting and even some reception details.

Best of all, I finished up the wedding party just as the sun was setting and turned around to capture a few gorgeous shots of the bride & groom with the amazing sunset (big thanks again to the best man who served as my human light stand!).

I am so happy with how the photos of this beautiful wedding turned out, and I was so happy to meet Devon & Alex as they celebrated their love for one another.

Best wishes to you both on your future life together!

Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2406 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2407 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2408 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2409 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2410 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2411 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2412 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2413 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2414 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2415 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2416 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2417 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2418 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2419 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2420 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2421 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2422 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2423 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2424 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2425 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2426 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2427 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2428 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2429

Friday Favorites | Columbia Missouri Photographer

Another edition of Friday Favorites! I’m still working to catch up on sharing some of the great photo sessions from earlier this spring, but we’re getting closer!

First up, is an adorable little 9 month old who is definitely on the move! It’s been so fun watching this little cutie grow up over the past year, and I was so happy to catch some of his adorable smiles.

Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1737 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1738 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1739 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1740 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1741 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1742 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1743 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1744 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1745 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1746 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1747 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1748 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1749 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1750 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1751 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1752 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1753 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1754 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1755 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1756 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1757 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1758 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1759 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1760

Next up, is a kiddo that I’ve photographed for several years. Momma always lets her two boys each have their own session right around their birthday in order to capture their personalities. I love how she tailors each session around the interests of her sons at their age.

Once kiddos reach school age, I see a lot of families drop their yearly photos for whatever reason. I can only guess that it’s due to crazy schedules, or maybe school and sports photos perhaps replace the custom sessions, or maybe it’s just the awkward elementary school age, etc.

But I think it’s so important to capture photos of what your child is into at that age because life goes by so fast…and suddenly they’re in middle school…high school…then it’s senior photo time!

Big props to this momma for making it a priority every year.

We met up at their house to get some photos in his room, which was awesome because it was totally a typical 8-year old’s messy room (love it!). Then, we headed out with his bike on the trail near their house.

Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1789 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1790 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1791 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1792 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1793 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1794 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1795 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1796 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1797 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1798 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1799 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1800 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1801 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1802 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1803 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1804 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1805 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1806 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1807 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1808 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1809 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1810 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1811 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1812 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1813 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1814 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1815 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1816 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1817 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1818 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1819 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1820 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1821 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1822 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1823 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1824 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1825 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1826 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1827 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1828

Next up is a senior session.

Now, I haven’t officially made any sort of announcement, but I am no longer offering senior photography except to existing clients.

I quietly took that off my website when it was refreshed…you may or may not have noticed.

I love seniors…they’re so vibrant and fun to work with. But, my strengths lie in working with families, kids and weddings, so I’ve made the decision to narrow my focus just a bit.

That said, my brother’s girlfriend is graduating from Stephens College in just a couple of weeks, so I definitely had to capture that memory for her. We had a super fun time exploring the campus, and then heading over to Capen Park with her doggie.

Here are my favorites:

Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1704 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1705 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1706 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1707 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1708 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1709 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1710 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1711 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1712 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1713 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1714 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1715 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1716 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1717 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1718 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1719 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1720 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1721 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1722 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1723 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1724 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1725 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1726 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1727 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1728 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1729 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1730 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1731 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1732 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1733 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1734

My super cute brother tagged along as the official dog wrangler, so he snuck in for a couple of shots at the end.

I definitely teased him about not coordinating with her and choosing a mismatched striped shirt.

Clearly, he didn’t read my “What to Wear” guide.

Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1735 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1736

And the next session to share is another senior session. This session was a carryover from fall, where we had the unfortunate coincidence of encountering terrible weather and schedule conflicts throughout most of the fall months.

After another rainy session date in early December, we decided to just wait until spring to get this one in. Glad we did. It turned out to be a great day!

Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1761 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1762 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1763 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1764 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1765 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1766 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1767 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1768 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1769 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1770 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1771 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1772 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1773 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1774 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1775 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1776 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1777 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1778 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1779 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1780 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1781 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1782 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1783 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1784 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1785 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1786 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1787 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1788