Friday Favorites | Columbia Missouri Maternity Photographer

I have SO MANY FAVORITES to share from deliveries in recent weeks!

This edition of Friday Favorites includes a sweet maternity session (whose newborn has arrived and I photographed this week—-she’s sooooooooo cute!), as well as seven awesome mini sessions from earlier this spring.

I’m going to share more favorites early next week…I have a huge backlog in my “To Blog” folder.

But for now…here we go:

Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1515 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1516 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1517 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1518 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1519 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1520 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1521 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1522 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1523 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1524 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1525 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1526 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1527 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1528 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1529 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1530 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1531 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1532 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1533 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1534 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1535 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1536 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1537 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1538Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1539 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1540 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1541 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1542 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1543 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1544 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1545 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1546 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1547 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1548 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1549 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1550 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1551 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1552 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1553 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1554 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1555 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1556 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1557 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1558 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1559 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1560 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1561 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1562 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1563 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1564 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1565 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1566 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1567 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1568 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1569 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1570 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1571 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1572 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1573 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1574 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1575 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1576 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1577 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1578 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1579 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1580 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1581 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1582 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1583 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1584 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1585 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1586 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1587 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1588 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1589 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1590 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1591 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1592 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1593 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1594 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1595 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1596 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1597 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1598 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1599 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1600 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1601 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1602 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1603 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1604 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1606 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1607 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1608 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1609 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1610 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1611 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1612 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1613 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1614 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1615 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1616 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1617 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1618 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1619 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1620 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1621 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1622 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1623 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1624 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1625 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1626 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1627 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1628 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1629 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1630 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1631 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1632 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1633 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1634 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1635 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1636 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1637 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1638 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1639 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1640 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1641 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1642 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1643 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1644 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1645 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1646 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1647 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1648 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1649 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1650 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1651 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1652 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1653 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1654 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1655 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1656 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1657 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1658 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1659 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1660 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1661 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1662 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1663 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1664 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1665 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1666 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1667 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1668 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1669 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1670 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1671 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1672 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1673 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1674 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1675 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1676 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1677 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1678 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1679 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1680 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1681 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1682 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1683 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1684 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1685 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1686 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1687 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1688 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1689 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1690 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1691 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1692 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1693 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1694 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1695 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1696 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1697 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1698 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1699Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1605

Where to have your photo session? | Part 2: Rustic

Well, the break between Part 1 and Part 2 of this several-part blog series might be the longest in blogging history.

Great job, Rhiannon…way to keep everyone hanging!

As a reminder, I had a little hiccup in my life about 4 or so weeks ago right as we were digging in deep on this photo session location rabbit hole.

And, to be honest, things are still a little crazy.

Right after we got my mom moved in and settled up here in mid-Missouri (like, literally, the very next day), she fell and cracked her pelvis.


So that means she can’t really walk or bend or do much of anything without some assistance.

So that means I’m visiting her about once a week to take her to doctors and grocery shop and clean house and such. Oh, and we’re dog-sitting at my house too.

Which my son, who has been lobbying for a dog for months, LOVES, by the way.

My [previously] lovely hardwood floors, on the other hand…

So, at any rate, I appreciate the patience that everyone has given me on the blogging and sharing of favorites and the complete radio silence on Facebook.

The photos are coming…I promise.

So, that said…let’s get back to the series on where to hold your photo session. If you remember, part 1 was holding it at a gorgeous Columbia, Missouri park.

Now, things are gonna get a little country-fied up in here.

If you are looking for more of a rustic look reminiscent of small town life than what we can achieve at a local park or on campus, there are several places around Columbia that are really versatile.

Two of my favorites are:

Nifong Park

Of all the places I shoot, this is by far the most versatile and offers both rustic and non-rustic looks. This location has everything from a barn to several historic homes including a home originally built in the 1870s, to a lake and shade trees.

At Nifong Park, I can make it look like you are next to a large lake, deep in a forest or on a farm. In the late summer, I can make it look like you are in a field.

There are also several wrought iron pieces around the property that make an excellent backdrop.

I shoot here very regularly and I know what the light looks like in January and what it looks like in December, and everywhere in between.

You might think it would get boring to shoot here so often, but I’m always looking for new ways to use the light at this location and I love seeing my work there evolve through the years.

Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1428 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1429 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1430 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1431 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1432 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1433 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1434 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1435 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1436 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1437 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1438 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1439 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1440 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1441 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1442 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1443 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1444 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1445 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1446 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1447 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1448 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1449 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1450 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1451 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1452 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1453 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1454 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1455 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1456 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1457 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1458 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1459 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1460 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1461 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1462 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1463 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1464 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1465 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1466 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1467 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1468 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1469 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1470 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1471 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1472 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1473 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1474 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1475 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1476 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1477 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1478 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1479 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1480 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1481 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1482 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1483 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1484

Rockbridge State Park

There are two different areas I love at this location.

The late afternoon light is perfect for capturing the golden field look that makes everyone glow. The restored grasslands prove an excellent field look for photos.

There is also a location within the park that is perfect for a deep forest feel.

Those two features plus the streams and hiking trails make this location a great option for anyone looking for rustic elements to their photos.

Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1485 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1486 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1487 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1488 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1489 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1490 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1491 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1492 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1493 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1494 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1495 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1496 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1497 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1498 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1499 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1500 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1501 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1502 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1503

Small Town Downtowns

Okay, I said there were two favorite locations for this post, but I’ve actually got quite a few favorite rustic spots that are very unique and off the beaten path.

If you prefer the small town look and don’t mind a little bit of drive time, please contact me and we can further discuss locations that have some gorgeous old downtown areas for some neat, rustic photos.

Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1504 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1505 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1506 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1507 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1508 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1509 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1510 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1511

Small towns are great, but downtown Columbia also makes a really cool backdrop for photos, so make sure to check back next week for Part 3 in the series: The District.

Payton & Cole | Columbia Missouri Wedding Photography

Payton & Cole tied the knot on a perfect spring day in March at Columbia Country Club in Columbia, Missouri. Their wedding was simply perfect.

Payton and Cole are a match meant to be, and the joy radiating from their friends and family was contagious.

One of my favorite things to do during a wedding is to look over to see the mother of the bride’s reaction to make sure she’s enjoying herself. Every time I looked over at Payton’s sweet momma, she was beaming from ear to ear.

Every. Single. Time.

Thank you for allowing me to capture your gorgeous day, Payton & Cole! You guys were simply a delight to work with!

Prepare for photo overload! It was VERY hard to narrow down my favorites from this amazing wedding.

Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1269 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1270 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1271 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1272 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1273 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1274 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1275 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1276 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1277 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1278 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1279 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1280 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1281 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1282 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1283 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1284 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1285 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1286 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1287 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1288 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1289 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1290 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1291 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1292 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1293 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1294 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1295 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1296 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1297 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1298Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1299 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1300 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1301 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1302 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1303 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1304 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1305 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1306 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1307 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1308 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1309 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1310 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1311 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1312 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1313 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1314 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1315 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1316 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1317 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1318 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1319 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1320 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1321 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1322 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1323 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1324 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1325 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1326 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1327 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1328 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1329 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1330 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1331 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1332 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1333 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1334 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1335 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1336 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1337 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1338 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1339 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1340Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1341 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1342 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1343 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1344 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1345 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1346 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1347 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1348 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1349 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1350 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1351 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1352 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1353 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1354 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1355 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1356 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1357 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1358 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1359 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1360 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1361 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1362 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1363 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1364 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1365 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1366 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1367 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1368 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1369 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1370 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1371 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1372 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1373 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1374 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1375 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1376 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1377 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1378 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1379 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1380 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1381 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1382 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1383 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1384Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1385 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1386 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1387 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1388 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1389 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1390 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1391 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1392 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1393 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1394 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1395 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1396 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1397 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1398 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1399 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1400 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1401 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1402 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1403 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1404 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1405 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1406 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1407 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1408 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1409 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1410 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1411 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1412 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1413 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1414 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1415 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1416 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1417 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1418 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1419 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1420 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1421 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1422 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1423 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1424 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1425 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1426 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1427

Venue: Columbia Country Club

Flowers & Decorations: Family friend

DJ: Berrygood DJ Service

Videography: Complete Weddings & Events

Payton and Bridesmaids Hair: Hair Therapy Salon

Friday Favorites | Columbia Missouri Baby Photographer

On this edition of Friday Favorites, I’ve got a super-smiley newborn, a couple of darling brothers, an adorable engaged couple, and Easter Mini Sessions! Let’s get to it, shall we?

First up, a Signature Newborn Session:

Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1145 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1146 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1147

This sweat pea was the smiliest baby ever!

Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1148 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1149 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1150 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1151 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1152 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1153 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1154 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1155 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1156 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1157 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1158 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1160 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1159 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1162 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1163 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1164 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1165

See what I mean? Smiles for days!

Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1166 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1167 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1168 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1170 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1171

I loved her hair. So amazing.


Mom and dad are as cute as can be!

Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1173 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1174 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1175

Momma, you are simply glowing! So pretty:

Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1176 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1177 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1178 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1179 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1180 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1181

I loved her cute little nursery:


Alright, next up is a darling little 4-month old who absolutely did not want to have his photo taken. This is not a full, regular baby session—we are doing a reshoot at a later time—but I shared what I got with momma and just loved some of the shots that we did manage to get:

Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1183 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1184 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1185 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1186 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1187 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1188

Bet you can’t see big brother, huh?

Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1189 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1190 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1191

Momma’s got her hands full with these two:

Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1192 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1193 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1194

See what I mean? Angry baby! But this one made me LOL, so I gave it to momma anyway.


I did manage to catch the older one being super sweet to his little brother. There might have been candy bribes involved in this shot. I’m not ashamed.


Harrison, you little booger!

Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1197 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1198 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1199 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1200

Moving right along to an adorable engaged couple. They are both veterinarians, so of course their fur-babies came along to the session too. We started with the human-folk first:

Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1201 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1202 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1203 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1204 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1205

Sarah, you are gorgeous!

Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1206 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1207 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1208 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1209 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1210 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1211 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1212 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1213 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1214 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1215


Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1216 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1217

And then it was time to get the pups. These guys were super well-behaved and just as sweet as can be!


Another favorite!

Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1219 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1220 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1221 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1222 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1223 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1224 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1225 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1226 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1227 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1228 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1229

Best wishes to you guys on your wedding!


And rounding out this week’s favorites are the Easter Mini Sessions! Yay!!

Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1231 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1232 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1233 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1234 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1235 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1236 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1237 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1238 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1239 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1240 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1241 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1242 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1243 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1244 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1245 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1246 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1247 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1248 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1249 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1250 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1251 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1252 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1253 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1254 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1255 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1256 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1257 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1258 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1259 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1260


Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1261I know I owe you guys a continuation of the series on where to hold your photo session.

I haven’t forgotten.

It’s been a really, really interesting month.

I’m pretty guarded when it comes to my family and my life outside of this business, mostly because I know every family has their own issues they are dealing with…my problems are small compared to most.

Another reason I keep stuff to myself is that I really don’t want clients to worry that I’m distracted with family stuff…because there’s truly nothing to worry about.

I think I do a great job of keeping my family and business lives separate, so that I can keep my focus where it needs to be at any given time.

When I’m in the zone and working, I’m really not thinking about my family stuff.

I’m thinking about YOUR family stuff.

Judgement worries aside, you guys invite me into your homes and your families all the time…I feel like I owe you at least a glimpse into what goes on when I’m not shooting, editing, or admin-ing…

…and an little explanation as to why the heck I left you hanging for the last two weeks on that blog series.

You see, my mom has become disabled in recent years.

We’ve been struggling for the past two years (really, more like eight years) to get her the help that she needs.

It’s been a vastly trickier situation than you might imagine because she lives three hours away and, while she is somewhat independent, I am basically her sole caretaker when she needs help.

And none of us—not me, not mom, not my husband’s wonderful family, no one—knows how to efficiently or effectively navigate this country’s system of getting help for people that need it most.

I could write a book, y’all.

About two weeks ago, suddenly everything clicked into place.

The clouds parted, the rainbow came out.

We might just get through this okay.


Today through this weekend, I will be taking a few days off to get my mom moved and settled into a independent senior living facility in the Mid-Missouri area.

Having her just down the road from me is going to be a huge relief, knowing I can take care of her if/when she falls again, I can get her to the store and doctor’s appointments easily, and we can tap into the amazing medical resources for which our community is known.

Huge weight off my shoulders, you guys.

So…that’s why the blog series is delayed

Major things have come up; I need to take a few days off.

Clients are all taken care of, but unfortunately the blog series post isn’t going to happen this week.

We will hopefully be back to normal next week.

Hope your weekend is beautiful and bright.

{{{Hugs}}} and Love,



Lifestyle Newborn Sessions | Columbia Missouri Newborn Photography

“I’m so glad you came to us!”

It’s the one thing I’ve heard at pretty much every single newborn session.

Moms and dads love that I come to their home for their session, bringing everything we need for a successful newborn photo session.

I do it because I remember.

  • I remember back to those fuzzy first weeks that went by in a blur.
  • I remember making a ridiculously detailed list of things for my mother-in-law to pick up from Target three days after delivery because I couldn’t even fathom getting out of the house.
  • I remember that trip home from the hospital, white-knuckled in fear that some crazy driver was going to crash into us, vowing to never take my sweet newborn in the car again (we did, but it was scary every time).
  • My son was born in February, right at the height of flu season, so I remember going somewhere and wanting to douse everything everywhere in Lysol…disinfect all the things!
  • I remember my first outing, a week after giving birth, to a 1-hour La Leche League meeting. It took me 3 hours to prepare to leave the house.

So, I’ve always grown this business with the intention of coming to you for your newborn session.

You are more comfortable at home.

You have all that we need there.

Momma can wear pajama pants if she wants to.

Dad can watch Sportscenter.

It’s just easier on everyone.

Well, that is, almost everyone.

You see, as I’ve evolved my style over the last 4 years of doing newborn photography in Columbia, Missouri, I’ve added more props, more accessories, more equipment. Though I’ve always tried to stay as streamlined as possible, it still takes an extraordinary amount of time before and after the session to pack everything up, haul everything to your home, keep everything organized, and launder everything after the session.

No joke, it takes a solid hour to pack things up and get everything into my car, jenga-style.

And over the years, it has occurred to me that perhaps some families may not want or need such a styled photo session with all the props and things.

Some families just want to capture the newness, the tininess, and their new family-ness in a beautiful, simple style.

So, I am excited to begin offering two different newborn photo session options—Lifestyle Newborn Sessions and Signature Newborn Sessions.

Here’s the main difference:

For the Signature Newborn Sessions, I bring a lot of props and accessories. For the Lifestyle Newborn sessions, I do not.

There’s also the time difference—Signature sessions take longer because of setup and posing baby into those gorgeous, naked baby poses. Lifestyle sessions are about an hour and a half or so, and we’re going to keep things pretty simple, natural and organic, using stuff around your house.

I’ll bring a few swaddle blankets and maybe a posing blanket or fur, as well as some simple lighting equipment, but we’re going to keep it simple and focus on the baby, your family, and your home.

I’ve gotta say, after doing several of these in 2015, I’m in love with both styles. If I were having a newborn (which is not going to happen, sorry, mom), I’d have a tough time choosing which style to go with. Maybe both. =)

I will post an example of a Signature Newborn Session later in the week, but here’s an example of a recent Lifestyle Newborn Session.

With this session, we had with a VERY sleepy baby, which was awesome.

Mom is a horse owner and enthusiast and wanted to incorporate a saddle somehow. We did this photo right off the bat and I simply love how it turned out. I can’t promise naked baby photos on a prop with a lifestyle session, but this worked out great for us.


Dad had this amazing antique wagon…and big brother served as a great guard dog for me.
Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0945 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0946

Omg. Love.

Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0947 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0948 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0949 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0950

I will always capture the details, regardless of the newborn session style you choose.

Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0951 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0952 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0953 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0954 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0955 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0956

After we got a few natural shots of baby, we went right into the family photos.

Get ready…this gorgeous family is swoon-worthy!

Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0957 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0958 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0959 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0960 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0961 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0962 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0963

He’s smiling!! He’s smiling!!


This little man had some epic hair.


Momma, you are gorgeous!


My favorite from the session:


Second favorite:

Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0968 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0969

Another smile!


Dad really wanted some open eyes shots, which can be really tricky because newborns tend to go cross-eyed really easily, but this sweet boy gave me a great open-eye shot during his diaper change.


Friday Favorites (on a Sunday) | Columbia Missouri Family Photographer

I’ve been dying to share all of these photo sessions. So many gorgeous families…so many smiles…so many favorites.

We’ll start with this little 1-year old cutie at the library. I did her newborn session last year and I cannot believe she’s already one! That year went so fast for me, and I’m sure it was even faster for mom & dad!

Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0892 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0893 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0894 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0895 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0896 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0897 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0898 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0899 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0900 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0901 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0902 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0903 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0904 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0905 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0906 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0907 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0908 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0909 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0910 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0911 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0912

Next up is another little 1-year old, and her adorable family in their gorgeous Columbia home! We also snuck outside to get a couple of family shots in the snow (yes, this was way back when there was snow on the ground—shame on me for not blogging it sooner!).

I loved being able to capture some shots of big sister too!

Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0995 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0996 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0997 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0998 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0999 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1000 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1001 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1002 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1003 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1004 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1005 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1006 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1007 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1008 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1009 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1010 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1011 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1012 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1013 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1014 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1015 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1016 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1017 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1018 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1019 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1020 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1021

Moms love the cake smashes…and I do too. But sometimes, every once in a while, babies do not love the cake smashes and we end up with photos like this:


It’s probably one of my favorites! It’s your party girl, you cry if you want to!


Moving right along to an adorable 6-month old and her precocious big brother. We met up at their beautiful home in Columbia and found so many beautiful spots for photos.

Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0913 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0914 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0915 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0916 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0917 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0918 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0919 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0920 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0921 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0922 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0923 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0924 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0925 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0926 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0927 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0928 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0929 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0930 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0931 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0932 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0933 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0934 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0935 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0936 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0937 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0938 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0939 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0940 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0941 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0942 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0943

I shared a morning with another sweet 6-month old at her beautiful home in Columbia. This darling girl was all smiles! Those big, blue eyes!

I loved her room—it made a perfect backdrop for many of her photos!

Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1028 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1029 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1030 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1031 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1032 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1033 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1034 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1035 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1036 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1037 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1038 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1039 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1040 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1041 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1042

And one more sweet session to share this go-round…a very fresh and new tiny newborn at her hospital mini session!

This sweet little lady entered the world at 8 pounds, 12(ish) ounces, and she was just a sweet, squishy bundle of cute!

And can you believe momma looks so fabulous a day after delivery!?! She has no doubt passed along some of that natural beauty along to baby girl. They are both so gorgeous!

Dad’s one lucky fellow. =)

Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0973 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0974 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0975 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0976 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0977 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0978 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0979 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0980 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0981 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0982 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0983 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0984 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0985 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0986 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0987 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0988 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0989 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0990 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0991 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0992 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0993 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0994

Spring 2015 Mini Sessions Are Here! | Columbia Missouri Photographer


Saturday, April 4  | Indoors (+ possibly a field location)

Friday, April 10  | Shelter Gardens or Playground (TBA)

Saturday, April 18  | Shelter Gardens

Friday, April 24  | Nifong Park

Saturday, May 2  | Stephens Lake

Friday, May 8  | Shelter Gardens or Stephens Lake (TBA)

Friday, May 22  | Shelter Gardens

Friday, May 29  | Shelter Gardens

Saturday, May 30  | Shelter Gardens


Typically held outdoors at a Columbia Missouri park, these super fun photo sessions are 30 minutes long and great for getting photos of the whole family!

Mini Sessions are quick, affordable photo sessions perfect for:

  • Seasonal family photos
  • Couples celebrating their love
  • Child birthday photos and milestones
  • High school seniors looking for a quick, affordable session
  • Individuals needing an updated casual head shot

It’s quick and painless—and you might even have a little fun!


Your Mini Session includes:

  • 30-minute photo session with up to 5 people
  • 15+ retouched, high-resolution digital files
  • Quality print orders at cost (no markup)
  • All of this for just $200!

Want something more?

Check out the full family session, which gives you the freedom to choose your location, the flexibility of longer session, and a variety of both posed and candid images.

 What are you waiting for?

Schedule your mini session today. Spots will fill fast!

Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0420 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0421 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0422 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0423 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0424 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0425

Where to have your photo session? | Part 1: Parks

Nearly every one of my clients has the question of where should their photo session should take place.

Now, I am a big proponent of tailoring your photo session to your family’s interests and choosing a location that’s special to you guys, but sometimes, you just want a pretty location that’s tried and tested for getting lovely images.

I get that.

And, luckily, Columbia Missouri offers some beautiful locations to accomplish nearly any style of image you want.

Since I get asked this question so frequently, I thought it might be helpful to do a blog series on where to hold your photo session, along with example images, to help you decide where you’d like to go.

This will be a 5(ish)-part series that we’ll walk through in the next five(ish) weeks.

I say “ish” because I keep thinking of fun places I’ve shot that I want to go back to.

But, for now, let’s say it’s a 5-part series.

Keep in mind…the images I will share are from different times of the year, different times throughout the day, and with different weather patterns. It’s impossible to guarantee what your images will look like based upon these three variables alone.

And, although I make my rounds pretty frequently, I don’t have the opportunity to shoot in every park every single month.

And, even if I do frequent a park regularly, photos there will look different every.single.time. because I like to experiment and try new things, new spots, new angles, etc.

This series is to give you an idea of what the parks look like and how I use the natural environment in a typical family, engagement or wedding photo session.

So, that said, let’s get to it.

Part 1 is going to focus on the quintessential family photo look: “The Park”.

Shelter Gardens

Shelter Gardens is one of the most requested photo spots in Columbia. It’s a very gorgeous private park that’s open to the public.

During most of the year, the landscape is dominated by green grass, trees, and flowers. Dotted throughout the park are benches, stone bridges, pebble pathways and stone flower bed walls.

In the center of the park is a lovely little schoolhouse, which can serve as a respite from the wind and offer a neat little spot for indoor photos. There’s also a gazebo on the property.

Because of the variety offered at the park, and the shaded areas which offer lots of flexibility no matter what time of day, Shelter Gardens is one of my favorite spots to take photos of families in Columbia.

Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0841 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0842 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0843 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0844 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0845 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0846 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0847 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0848 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0849 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0850 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0851 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0852 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0853 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0854 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0855 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0856 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0857 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0858 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0859 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0860 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0861 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0862 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0863 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0864

Stephens Lake Park

Stephens Lake Park is a huge tract of land with a giant lake right in the center.  The lake has a boardwalk that leads to an island in the middle of the lake.

Throughout the park, there are open areas, several mature trees, playgrounds, and concrete pathways.

I have a love-hate relationship with Stephens Lake Park. It can be absolutely gorgeous at the right time of day.

But if you want photos by the lake and you chose a late morning or early afternoon photo slot, it’s just not going to happen if the sun is shining. The lack of trees around the lake makes it very open and sunny, and there’s not much I can do about squinting in post-production.

If you have your heart set on Stephens Lake Park, make sure you choose the latest time slot of the day or contact me directly about a sunrise session.

Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0865 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0866 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0867 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0868 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0869 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0870 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0871 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0872 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0873 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0874 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0875 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0876 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0877 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0878 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0879 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0880 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0881Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0882 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0883 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0884 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0885 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0886 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0887

We’re going to cover my other favorite locations that can give us a “park” look in future posts. Make sure to check back next week for Part 2 in the series: Rustic.

Friday Favorites | Columbia Missouri Photographer

This week’s Friday Favorites includes TWO weeks of photos because I was busy last Friday entertaining six, 8-year-old’s at my son’s birthday sleepover.

We survived.

But wow, I don’t have any desire to host another sleepover that big again anytime soon!

As for the photos, I’ve had so many sessions to share over the last two weeks—-some cute-as-a-button babies, a very sweet little newborn (and family I’ve photographed many times before), the Pure & Simple mini sessions, and more babies!

Let’s get to it:

Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0683 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0684 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0685 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0686 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0687 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0688 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0689 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0690 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0691 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0692 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0693 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0694 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0695 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0696 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0697 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0698 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0699 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0700 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0701 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0702 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0703 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0704 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0705 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0706 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0707 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0708 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0709 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0710 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0711Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0712 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0713 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0714 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0715 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0716
Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0718 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0719 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0720 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0721 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0722 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0723 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0724 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0725 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0726 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0727 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0728 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0729 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0730 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0731 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0732 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0733 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0734 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0735 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0736 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0737 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0738 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0739 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0740 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0741 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0742 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0743 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0744 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0745 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0746 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0747 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0748 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0749 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0750 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0751Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0752 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0753 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0754 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0755 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0756 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0757 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0758 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0759 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0760 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0761 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0762 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0763 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0764 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0765 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0766 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0767 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0768 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0769 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0770 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0771 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0772 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0773 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0774 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0775 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0776 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0777 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0778 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0779 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0780 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0781 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0782 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0783 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0784 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0785 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0786 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0787 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0788 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0789 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0790 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0791 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0792 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0793 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0794 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0795 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0796 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0797 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0798 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0799 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0800 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0801 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0802