Spring 2015 Mini Sessions Are Here! | Columbia Missouri Photographer


Saturday, April 4  | Indoors (+ possibly a field location)

Friday, April 10  | Shelter Gardens or Playground (TBA)

Saturday, April 18  | Shelter Gardens

Friday, April 24  | Nifong Park

Saturday, May 2  | Stephens Lake

Friday, May 8  | Shelter Gardens or Stephens Lake (TBA)

Friday, May 22  | Shelter Gardens

Friday, May 29  | Shelter Gardens

Saturday, May 30  | Shelter Gardens


Typically held outdoors at a Columbia Missouri park, these super fun photo sessions are 30 minutes long and great for getting photos of the whole family!

Mini Sessions are quick, affordable photo sessions perfect for:

  • Seasonal family photos
  • Couples celebrating their love
  • Child birthday photos and milestones
  • High school seniors looking for a quick, affordable session
  • Individuals needing an updated casual head shot

It’s quick and painless—and you might even have a little fun!


Your Mini Session includes:

  • 30-minute photo session with up to 5 people
  • 15+ retouched, high-resolution digital files
  • Quality print orders at cost (no markup)
  • All of this for just $200!

Want something more?

Check out the full family session, which gives you the freedom to choose your location, the flexibility of longer session, and a variety of both posed and candid images.

 What are you waiting for?

Schedule your mini session today. Spots will fill fast!

Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0420 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0421 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0422 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0423 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0424 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_0425

The best laid plans…

Am I the only one who has amazing, unbelievable, pie-in-the-sky hopes for super productive weekends and time off? And then when it actually gets here, the list seems overwhelming, or there was some step I forgot to do ahead of time, or—Oh look! Squirrel!—something else comes up?


As much as I am a stickler for lists and schedules and planning, it happens to me more frequently than I’d like to admit.

And, pardon the language, but Christmas kicked my patootie this year. After I delivered my last edited session in early December, I went into full-on holiday madness mode. Shopping, wrapping, decorating, vacationing, Santa-ing, and all kinds of family merriment ensued, and I was STILL almost late to Christmas Eve service at church because I was frantically wrapping gifts on Christmas Eve.

The best laid plans…

So, in my last blog post, I told you guys my calendar would be open to clients on Monday, December 29th. Well, my website had other plans.

I’m going to spare you the technical, gobbly-gook details (because I only marginally understand what my amazing, smarter-than-me web developer is telling me), but the bottom line is that my booking system doesn’t want to play nice in the sandbox with my website.

Even though they’ve been playing nicely for the last three years.

So frustrating.

We’re in the process of changing things up and making them apologize to each other, but for now, I’m stuck waiting for some people at my web hosting company to get back from vacation and turn the lights back on.

(For this control-freak, not being able to do anything about the situation is killing me.)

For now, I’ll be sending an email with the booking link to clients just as soon as I can get the workaround ready—it should be within 2-3 days.

For new clients who haven’t yet worked with me before, if you would like a date in January, February or March, please email me and I can get you the link.

And, because blog posts are boring without photos, and because I didn’t share many of the super fun Christmas mini session images, let’s end this post with some pretty pictures:

Lollipop-Phogoraphy_1 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_2 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_3 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_4 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_5 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_6 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_7 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_8Lollipop-Phogoraphy_9 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_10 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_11 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_12 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_13 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_14 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_15 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_16 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_17 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_18Lollipop-Phogoraphy_19 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_20 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_21 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_22 Lollipop-Phogoraphy_23

Wait…When Did December Happen??


I slowly emerged from my cave office this week and realized that Christmas is once again upon us. Didn’t we do this just a few months ago? It sure came fast this year.

And what a year it was!

I’m still in a post-busy-season haze, so I don’t have the numbers tallied yet (it’s on the long to-do list), but I can safely say that it was my busiest—and best—year ever. I can’t wait to share some of the highlights (again, on the to do list) and some of the wonderful stories of the year.

So…looking ahead to 2015…

I’m getting emails and calls every day for people looking to get on my 2015 calendar.

I know, I know…I’m a planner too. And while I am really looking forward to 2015, the truth is you guys, I need a few days to recover from this incredible year.

So, it’s going to be a couple of weeks before I have the calendar ready.

I’m not complaining…it’s amazing to be busy. I am so grateful for all of you who come back year after year, as well as the new families I haven’t even yet met. I have the most awesome job…and I am so fortunate to work with such incredible clients again and again.

To put it simply: you guys rock.

So, here’s how this is going to go down:

THIS WEEK: Starting this afternoon, I’m going to take a break for the rest of this week and over the weekend. Emails and calls will be returned on Monday.

NEXT WEEK: I hope to have my calendar drafted and into the booking system by the end of the week. There are some who get first access to the 2015 calendar (baby plans, reschedules, people who contacted me back in the fall for 2015 spots, etc.), and they will get an email from me with a private link to the booking system by the end of next week. Gift certificates are available for purchase (more on that below).

WEEK OF CHRISTMAS: Gotta be honest…I feel weird asking people to book a session this week because you’re busy, I’m busy, everyone’s busy. So we’re not gonna do anything calendar-related this week (except for the people mentioned above). Gift certificates are available for purchase (more on that below).

WEEK AFTER CHRISTMAS: Calendar is available for clients to book. Clients, you will receive an email from me with a private link to the online booking system.

WEEK OF JAN 5, 2015: Free for all! The calendar will be open to everyone. I know that’s late if you’re looking for a January session, but judging from the inquiries I’ve gotten this fall, January may already be completely booked.

Here’s a heads up on a few things in 2015:

1. When the calendar opens, I’m tossing around the idea of opening it for the entire year. That’s right…if you want a coveted fall leaves session, you may be able to secure it in January. I’m not 100% sure that I’ll do that, but I’m about 80% sure. There may be a previous-client-exclusivity access to the full calendar, but again, not sure on that, so if you have strong feelings either way, please let me know.

2. I’ll be transitioning to a system where the full payment for the session is due at the time of booking. I know it’s not the most convenient thing ever, but I’m spending way too much time chasing down retainers, trying to remember who owes what, reminding people about balances that need to be paid, and, sadly, dealing with NSF checks. Bookkeeping is one of my least favorite parts of this business, so it’s time to simplify. (Weddings will still be handled on a retainer/final payment basis.)

3. Just a quick heads up that 2015 mini sessions probably won’t be announced until January.

And here’s the big one…

4. Prices for most session types will be increasing in 2015. I’ve actually never announced price increases before, but I’m going to do so ahead of time this year in order to help people plan ahead. I don’t have the details worked out yet, but the price increase will affect pretty much everything except weddings.

I will do my best to keep the increase as minimal as possible.

It always pains me to increase prices, because my philosophy when I started this business has been to provide affordable photo sessions for everyday families. But as demand increases, my costs—and opportunity costs—increase, both professionally and personally.

As one of my very favorite clients reminded me this week: you guys are coming to Lollipop Photography because you want *me* to take your pictures. The pretty pictures are expected, of course, but many of you are coming to Lollipop specifically because of the fun, the laughter, my experience with all kinds of families and situations, the attention to detail, and the service level I offer.

And it has always been my #1 goal to keep that service at a level I’m proud of. I can honestly say that I’m proud of the level of service I’ve been able to offer for the past few years, even as things have gotten busier.

But, as my business grows, the time I’m spending away from my family grows too. And I can’t continue to operate at this level of busy-ness all the time.

There’s only so much of me to go around. My time is starting to become premium.

It’s not going to be super drastic…no one is doubling prices or anything. There will be more options for the level of service you desire. And I have an idea to keep offering some affordable options as well. And you will still receive your digital files with all sessions…that’s not changing.

That all being said…

If you know you’ll be booking a session in 2015 and you want to secure it at this year’s pricing, you can purchase a gift certificate between now and 12/28/14.  Just shoot me an email on my contact page and I’ll get you hooked up.

The fine print: Gift certificates must be paid in full by 12/28/14. They will expire in November 2016. I am not issuing gift certificates for 2014 pricing on mini sessions, senior or boudoir sessions.

(If you have already contacted me prior to noon today to get on the 2015 early calendar announcement list, don’t worry…I’ve got you on the list and the calendar will open up for you by next Friday. You will get 2014 pricing on the type of session you inquired about if you book before 12/29/14. Baby plan peeps: you’ll still get your pricing we discussed when you first contacted me.)

So, there’s some notes on 2015. I’ll be back soon with some fun stories, pretty photos, helpful advice, and—oh yeah—that calendar!

Hope you’re having a sweet holiday season so far!

Stephanie + Dan | Columbia MO Wedding Photographer

Stephanie and Dan were just such a sweet couple, inside and out.

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen such a calm bride. Stephanie was as cool as a cucumber from the moment I met her at the salon throughout the whole day.

Their wedding at St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church in Columbia Missouri, and reception at Kimball Ballroom on Stephens College campus was simply gorgeous.

A gorgeous wedding. A gorgeous couple.



Her ring was stunning. I love all the diamonds encircling the main stone. Can I get a re-do on my engagement ring? (Just kidding, dear husband!)


Lollipop-Photography_0130 Lollipop-Photography_0131 Lollipop-Photography_0132

Navy + gray just might be my favorite color combo!

Stephanie had her hair and makeup done at Regeneration Salon & Spa in Columbia. It was beautiful and lasted the whole night!




Lollipop-Photography_0135 Lollipop-Photography_0136

The skies were threatening rain right before the first look, but the church’s courtyard was just too pretty to pass up. So, we made the decision to go ahead and go for it. And it was incredible.

Lollipop-Photography_0137 Lollipop-Photography_0138 Lollipop-Photography_0139 Lollipop-Photography_0140 Lollipop-Photography_0141 Lollipop-Photography_0142 Lollipop-Photography_0143 Lollipop-Photography_0144 Lollipop-Photography_0145Lollipop-Photography_0146Lollipop-Photography_0147Lollipop-Photography_0148


The wedding party was too fun. This might be my favorite wedding group shot ever. Well played, groomsmen. Well played.


This wedding party knew how to make an entrance!


… and so did the bride & groom!



Have I ever told you how much I love the DJs with the colored uplights? No? Well, I love them. Look at how cool it makes these reception photos! They add so much atmosphere to the reception shots. Her DJ was BerryGood Light & Sound. Highly recommend them.



Sneak Peek Extravaganza | Columbia Missouri Photographer

Oh, Facebook. You cruel, cruel friend.

I got excited to have a spare moment today, so I decided to catch up and get back in the habit of posting sneak peeks as we head into the fall busy season. I posted several sneak peeks on my Facebook page today, but the stats tell me that those lovely photos are being served to a fraction of my fans.

Which is completely infuriating.

If only I had an outlet to be able to share these lovely photos with the public…

So, here I am…and here are some lovely sneak peeks from some of my latest sessions!

I have met some really amazing new families lately, and I’ve seen some beautiful returning friends. I feel very fortunate to be able to capture sweet memories of so many wonderful people.

Lollipop-Photography_1247 Lollipop-Photography_1248 Lollipop-Photography_1249 Lollipop-Photography_1250 Lollipop-Photography_1251 Lollipop-Photography_1252 Lollipop-Photography_1253 Lollipop-Photography_1254

Annie + Justin | Columbia Missouri Wedding Photographer

Meet Annie and Justin.

This is one super-fun couple that had a gorgeous wedding.



Check out these amazing shoes! Dazzling!Lollipop-Photography_0087  Lollipop-Photography_0089Lollipop-Photography_0090Lollipop-Photography_0088 Lollipop-Photography_0091Lollipop-Photography_0092 Lollipop-Photography_0093  Lollipop-Photography_0094

The bridal party was an amazing group of friends that were such a blast to capture.


See! I told you they were fun!




I caught this little sweetie staring in my direction during the ceremony. I just couldn’t resist!


It was such a beautiful day on the Francis Quadrangle.


Ellen + Jesús | Columbia MO Wedding Photographer


Over the past few years, I’ve been in the practice of sharing the sneak peek galleries of weddings on my Facebook page, but it has become increasingly odd that they are missing from my website. So…forgive me as I play some catch-up over the next couple of weeks to get some 2014 weddings up here.

Let’s start with Ellen and Jesús’ classic wedding at Missouri United Methodist Church in Columbia, Missouri early this January. It was a gorgeous, elegant winter affair, complimenting the beauty of this historic church with touches of the season.


Ellen was such a beautiful bride, and I absolutely loved her gorgeous dress, which fit her sweet personality perfectly.

Lollipop-Photography_1207 Lollipop-Photography_1197Lollipop-Photography_0022

Lollipop-Photography_0023 Lollipop-Photography_1208

Jesús looked very dapper himself in his classic black tux.

Lollipop-Photography_1209 Lollipop-Photography_1200

The wedding ceremony was beautiful.


The bride’s grandfather is a minister, and he assisted with the marriage ceremony. The message he delivered to them before the marriage vows was both touching and hilarious. And I think he might have even gotten a little teary-eyed sending off his beautiful granddaughter!


The bride and her family is so close, and their whole wedding was filled with beautiful reminders of how much love they share together.


Lollipop-Photography_0011 Lollipop-Photography_0027

The MUMC church is absolutely gorgeous, especially during the holidays!


Lollipop-Photography_1210Lollipop-Photography_1211 Lollipop-Photography_1199 Lollipop-Photography_1204 Lollipop-Photography_1202Lollipop-Photography_0021

After we finished up with formals, it was time to head over to the reception. Guests were greeted by this gorgeous ice sculpture!

Lollipop-Photography_1212 Lollipop-Photography_1213 Lollipop-Photography_1214 Lollipop-Photography_1215 Lollipop-Photography_1216 Lollipop-Photography_1217

I loved all of the little glances Ellen would sneak to her groom throughout the toasts. Love!

Lollipop-Photography_1218 Lollipop-Photography_1219 Lollipop-Photography_1220Lollipop-Photography_1221

Lollipop-Photography_1226 Lollipop-Photography_1227 Lollipop-Photography_1228 Lollipop-Photography_1229 Lollipop-Photography_1230

Ellen and Jesús danced the night away in each other’s arms. It was adorable.

Lollipop-Photography_1231 Lollipop-Photography_1222Lollipop-Photography_1223Lollipop-Photography_1224Lollipop-Photography_1225

After the formalities, DJ Aaron Rose had the whole crowd on their feet the whole night. Such a fun party!

Lollipop-Photography_1232Lollipop-Photography_1233 Lollipop-Photography_1234 Lollipop-Photography_1235 At the end of the night, Ellen and Jesús gathered everyone in the lobby of the Reynolds Alumni Center for a final send-off picture. Loved it!


Sunny Side Up | Family Photographer in Columbia Missouri


This baby boy was featured on the blog a few months ago and this time he brought along his whole family. Such a cute family.

We headed out to Shelter Gardens in Columbia, MO, which has just been extra gorgeous this year.

I’ve photographed big sister since she was a newborn, and truth be told, she’s been a little camera shy in the past. This time, though, she was a dream to work with!

In fact, she may have stolen the show.

Here are some of my favorites:
Lollipop-Photography_1157 Lollipop-Photography_1158 Lollipop-Photography_1159

No need to panic…dad was just out of frame to spot this little guy if he got too brave. Safety first!

Lollipop-Photography_1160 Lollipop-Photography_1161

Super snuggles!!

Lollipop-Photography_1162 Lollipop-Photography_1163 Lollipop-Photography_1164 Lollipop-Photography_1165 Lollipop-Photography_1166 Lollipop-Photography_1167 Lollipop-Photography_1168 Lollipop-Photography_1169 Lollipop-Photography_1170

I am a sucker for the twirly photos:

Miss C, you take the cake!
Lollipop-Photography_1173 Lollipop-Photography_1174

Like, seriously, she’s the cutest kid ever:

Lollipop-Photography_1175 Lollipop-Photography_1176 Lollipop-Photography_1177 Lollipop-Photography_1178 Lollipop-Photography_1179

You know that moment when every three-year-old girl wants to lift up her dress and show her undies? Two words: zoom lens. Boom:


Mr. Man got a little tired of me after a while and really didn’t want to be separated from momma. She’s just out of frame here. I’m so sneaky.

Lollipop-Photography_1181 Lollipop-Photography_1182

At one point, we tried to get a momma + kids photo. This was that result. I secretly love it because as moms, we’ve ALL been there, amiright?


We tried again later in the session and ended up with something a little less dramatic:


Downtown Columbia Missouri Engagement Session


I love this couple.

He’s in the armed forces and was stationed far, far away from his love. She’s here in Columbia (for now). I’m pretty sure she booked me for the wedding before he had officially proposed.

But the wedding was definitely on. Venues were secured. The ring had been purchased. The bride’s mom picked out the ring, under very specific instructions from the groom…and she kept it secret until it was time for the proposal.

And the bride basically knew when the proposal will take place. The groom was scheduled to be in town for a very short window of time this summer while he was home on leave. Because of that, we had just a handful of dates to work with for their engagement session.

Luckily, we had amazing weather for this July engagement session. The light downtown that afternoon was fun to work with. And they were one of the cutest, loving couples I’ve worked with.

I loved everything about this engagement session:
Lollipop-Photography_1122 Lollipop-Photography_1123

Seriously?? How cute are they??

Lollipop-Photography_1124 Lollipop-Photography_1125

You are gorgeous, Payton.

Lollipop-Photography_1126 Lollipop-Photography_1127 Lollipop-Photography_1128 Lollipop-Photography_1129 Lollipop-Photography_1130 Lollipop-Photography_1131 Lollipop-Photography_1132 Lollipop-Photography_1133 Lollipop-Photography_1134 Lollipop-Photography_1135



We ran across this sign downtown and I made them pose in front of a window full of people. But it was too perfect! And we were very fast.

Lollipop-Photography_1137 Lollipop-Photography_1138

I love me a couple that will jump on cue. Love.

Lollipop-Photography_1139 Lollipop-Photography_1140 Lollipop-Photography_1141 Lollipop-Photography_1142

We found one tree downtown—ONE. And it was pure perfection.

Lollipop-Photography_1143 Lollipop-Photography_1144 Lollipop-Photography_1145 Lollipop-Photography_1146

He and mom did a great job on the ring, right?

Lollipop-Photography_1147 Lollipop-Photography_1148

Okay, I guess we found two trees. Loving the downtown trees.


Hey, so we’re almost done but before we go, I’m going to lay down in the bus station driveway and you guys stand over there and look at each other adoringly, mkay? Killed it.


Sweet Little Sleepy Guy | Newborn Photographer Columbia Missouri


Ah, newborns. They’re so sweet. So squishy. So cuddly.

It’s no secret that one of my very favorite subjects to photograph are the brand new humans, with their sweet, sleepy personality and their adorable little poses and facial expressions.

And the little noises they make! Oh, the newborn noises.

I could photograph newborns all day, every day.

(If only I could keep up with the laundry!)

It just occurred to me last night that it’s been a while since I shared a full newborn gallery. And, as luck would have it, I finished up this little guy’s gallery last night.

So, full disclosure…I’m blogging just about half of the number of photos these parents received. And they get everything in color and b&w, so you can do the math there.

Of course, every newborn session is different. And my newborn sessions have been evolving since I went full-time with photography three and a half years ago. I’ve been trying to find my style for newborn sessions, loving both the documentary style shots and the posed, squishy baby shots.

This session blended the best of both worlds.

Heads up to expectant momma’s out there…I am considering a change to my newborn sessions, which will offer another option or two for folks, but may also involve a price increase on my current newborn session. If you are expecting a baby and are not on my calendar yet, this would be a good time to go ahead and lock down the current pricing and package.

And remember—I only take 2-3 newborns per month, especially during the fall busy season. It’s never too early to book your newborn session!

Okay, back to the adorable baby pictures: